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Who do you go to if you have a Rover you want to test before you send it to Mars, You want to film a celebrity and a well know survival expert together in the jungle, or your looking for a place to park the Black Pearl for the weekend. All these things and more […]

Ruido Magazine

Current Ruido Website

We have worked with the editorial staff of Ruido (Spanish for Noise) Fanzine on La Palma since the beginning of 2007. We started by providing the hosting for their web site and then moved into doing the layout for the magazine itself. The magazine and web site provide a voice for the arts on La […]

Casa del Riachuelo

We were approached to design a site to advertise the Casa del Riachuelo to overseas visitors, We paid careful attention to the content writing on the site to ensure that it is was search engine friendly. We also were responsible for setting the scene and taking the photos showing the house in it’s best light. […]