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And Now in Spanish

Once we had finished the English version of the book, We moved almost immediately on to work on the Spanish version. This proved the be a challenge due the different amounts of text between the two languages. Spanish can at times have 10% more words than the equivalent English. So by compromising on the fonts […]

Getting into Print

Creating a guide book for the Observatory at Roque de Los Muchachos, has been a dream of the author Sheila Crosby for a number of years and this year we finally helped to make it a reality. Originally the discussions were about creating an ebook, but soon it became apparent that there was a market […]

Dodo Dragon and other stories

When we were approached by a local English writer to produce an anthology collection of her short stories, we started with a little trepidation. We had previously developed software to interface with Adobe Indesign, and used this to produce the html to upload on the Ruido Magazine Website. It should not be a big step […]

Taming the dragon – A study in logo design

A local English writer was preparing to start up a small independent Publishing house, mainly to publish her own work in ebook format. She approached us to design a logo for her publishing business “Dragon Tree Publishing”. Our starting brief was to produce a black and white logo featuring a dragon tree. The Dragon tree […]

Ruido Magazine

Current Ruido Website

We have worked with the editorial staff of Ruido (Spanish for Noise) Fanzine on La Palma since the beginning of 2007. We started by providing the hosting for their web site and then moved into doing the layout for the magazine itself. The magazine and web site provide a voice for the arts on La […]