Moving House

PlusThey say that moving house is one of the most stressful things to do. I some ways moving a web site can be just as bad. Even if you are just taking a simple WordPress based site from one location to another. There are a number of things to consider, Databases may be ever so slightly different and it may not be possible to create the database and it’s users exactly as it was on the previous system. That is before you get to the hosting account and how that may be set up differently. So when we were approached to assist in migrating the web site for Plus a South East London based charity we said sure no problem. As we started to look into it we discovered that the current site was hosted on, which is great for a personal blog not, so great for a corporate site. The only downside is that has lots of tools giving you a greater degree of customization than is available in the vanilla install of wordpress. So having got all the data and images across we had to take the template that was closest to the one used on the original site and edit it until we had a site that matched the original. we achieved this using a combination of plug-ins and editing of the CSS for the template. So if you are thinking of moving your WordPress site, get a quote from us and we’ll handle the move with the minimum of fuss. Site:
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