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Creating a guide book for the Observatory at Roque de Los Muchachos, has been a dream of the author Sheila Crosby for a number of years and this year we finally helped to make it a reality. Originally the discussions were about creating an ebook, but soon it became apparent that there was a market for the book in a print version. So we started to gear up to produce the book in a full print ready version.

One of the earliest things that we tackled in the project was to come up with the cover design. The title had been set as "A Breathtaking Window on the Universe" so this lead into the design process and what we came up with was the idea of the outline of La Palma being transparent (like a window) and allowing you to see through to the Universe beyond, in this case represented by an image of the Galaxy M51. The images of the telescopes were then distributed around on a background consisting of one of the authors sunset pictures of the observatory. The back cover was an image taken by the author at night by the light of a full moon, and just luckily one of the telescopes was testing the laser guide star.

The inside content was a challenge to get right as with a large number of photographs, a number of which were referenced within the text of the section meant that a careful eye had to be kept on everything to ensure that we got it right.

The book is available for sale in shops on the Island of La Palma, and from the authors website. And the Spanish translation of the book is curently in production and should be released soon.

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Sample chapters: Click on the images to view the PDF (note: images are web preview quality only)

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