Dodo Dragon and other stories

When we were approached by a local English writer to produce an anthology collection of her short stories, we started with a little trepidation. We had previously developed software to interface with Adobe Indesign, and used this to produce the html to upload on the Ruido Magazine Website. It should not be a big step to take this software and modify to it to produce the most common eBook formats.

So first we took the stories, and in effect created a book in exactly the same way as we would if we were preparing it ready for print, it this point we could produce a fully print ready PDF. At this stage in the process we extract a lower resolution web PDF for devices that don’t handle the eBook formats.

With the layout completed in Adobe Indesign it was time to take our software and gently massage it to produce the required output for eBooks. Most software solutions for producing eBooks make a vague attempt at creating the elements such as table of contents and navigations. With our software we endeavoured to ensure that all these features were supported and fully functional. We produced both the 2 main supported formats of epub and mobi.

We then check the produced eBook and refine the layout to ensure that the text fits to the required formatting, one aspect that was difficult with this book is that one story is represented as a series of letters and the formatting on the addresses was difficult to achieve within the limitations of the mobi format.

The book is available in all 3 formats from the authors site or in kindle format from Amazon

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