Our Philosophy

We are the EcoGeeks. What are EcoGeeks? we are geeks, we love technology and gadgets, but we also love nature and the environment, put the two togeather and you get EcoGeeks. We came to La Palma from London in 2007 in search of a more sustainable future. How can the concept of sustainability be applied to our business? Good efficient web designs can lower the impact on resources. Many sites are produced exclusively in Flash or feature video intros, we believe that as well as deterring users to a site these also consume excess resources, which not only increases emissions but ultimately cost you money in higher charges. We won’t give you any of that just attention to detail and high quality designs.

The People

Theresa Davis

htran16Theresa left school at 16 and spent a while doing clerical work before getting the chance to change career and move into electronics where she spent a number of years working in the field. While studying part time at University of Northampton an opportunity came up for Theresa to move into Unix system management for the University.

After a number of years at the University Theresa left to find fame and fortune outside of the academic setting, She spent a few years in various positions before returning to Unix system management when she joined the Telegraph Media Group,working for web arm of the Daily Telegraph national newspaper where she became a team leader for a small team of Unix administrators changed with keeping the site available 24/7.

Since leaving the Telegraph Theresa has been designing web sites and mastering technologies such as jQuery, CSS, and HTML5.

When not deep in the latest EcoGeek project Theresa likes to kick back with her favourite video games the GTA series, or study the sky with her Telescope.

Helen Bennett

Helen studied both electronics and computer science at Keele University. During her working life she migrated through several related disciplines, starting in electronics at Plessey, then embedded systems with the Royal Greenwich Observatory and finally Web delivery systems with Telegraph Media Group. Helen now specialises in print publishing and design for EcoGeek. She has been involved in producing the magazine layout of a local “Fanzine” which is published both in print and on the web as well as working on expanding it’s publication into eBook format.

Helen’s talents are in programming in PHP, Perl, C. Unix System Management, Configuration Management, Graphic Design, Print publishing and is currently developing our integrated publishing solutions for print, web and ebooks.

When not busy renovating the EcoGeek HQ on the north coast of La Palma, Helen likes to curl up with her kindle and read, or practice her art or even a bit of tai chi.